You Can Now Have A Lightning Storm In The Comfort Of Your Home

You Can Now Have A Lightning Storm In The Comfort Of Your Home

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Designed by the fine artists of the Richard Clarkson Studio, the ‘ ‘Smart Cloud’ allows you to bring the beauty and brilliance of a thunderstorm cloud into the comfort and safety of your home. With its sophisticated array of motion sensors, this fixture is able to detect your movements and respond with remarkable light and sound simulating that of an actual thunderstorm. In addition to its storm setting, the Smart Cloud also comes equipped with a musical response light setting and a night light setting.

Each Smart Cloud is crafted using felted hypoallergenic fiberfill, microphones, full motion sensors, and a powerful speaker system to bring the realistic lamps to life. The fixture is remotely operated, so light and sound options can be adjusted on the fly. In addition to the Cloud, the Richard Clarkson Studio also creates a smaller version called the ‘Tiny’ as well as non-interactive Clouds for those interested in adding a subtle touch of nature to the ceilings of their homes.

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