Why Passionate Girls Come Across As Clingy

Why Passionate Girls Come Across As Clingy

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So many people hide their feelings, because they’re scared of being judged. They don’t want to be accused of feeling too much.

She comes across as clingy, because she doesn’t want to waste time on the wrong person. So she’s going to reach out to you instead of sitting on her couch and hoping that you’ll contact.

Below are some points of a passionate girl…

1. She would rather come on too strong than too weak.

2.  She would initiate dates.

3. She is not afraid to admit how she feels.

4. She is not interested in giving mixed signal or playing games.

5. She speaks from the heart and will tell you how she feels.

6. She’s an action type of girl, she doesn’t wait around.

7. She doesn’t lie or pretend and expects the same from potential partners.

8. She follows with her gut instincts.

9. She wants to make you feel special and in the same breathe wants to feel special.

10. This girl is not desperate, she is passionate!

In a nut shell she feels it’s better to make plans than act like she’s too busy to see you. It’s better to admit how much she likes you than to hint about her feelings.

So if her passion scares you off, it means that you weren’t the right person for her. She is actually an authentic brave girl.

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