When You Wish Upon a Star – Miracles Do Happen!

When You Wish Upon a Star – Miracles Do Happen!

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Could your dream really come true? What started to happen next was a magic concept that came to be my process to manifest miracles in my life.

What do Usain Bolt, Einstein and Beyoncé all have in common aside from fame? They all worked against opposition and setbacks to manifest a reality beyond their greatest imagination. They achieved miracles of the mind and body, but are miracles just reserved for those ‘special’, ‘famous’ people? The moment we start to see ourselves as special too, is the moment we begin to recognise that we too hold the power of magic. It’s not just in a few of us; it’s in every one of us. We use such a small part of our consciousness, brain and body’s capacity every day. It might seem like there’s nothing left when we go bed exhausted at the end of the day, but maybe there’s a whole side we could tap into that could yield energy, joy and success we never thought possible.

One summer afternoon in 2013 I lay in bed feeling practically crippled and exhausted. We’d seen so many doctors, I was having around 10-15 seizures a day, and I was struggling to hold my body weight to stand. We’d tried all the drugs and they did nothing but worsen and numb symptoms. I was 30 years old and every part of me was so angry and upset with a life that had seemed to disappear overnight. I was frustrated; it wasn’t where I wanted to be, and worse I was scared. Might the decent continue until I became a complete former shadow of my active self? Then in the moment I felt the resistance, anger, fear and frustration peak to a complete brick wall of surrender. I cried, and released the weight of negativity that was holding me back. What started to happen next was a magic concept that came to be my process to manifest miracles in my life.

I lay still, calm, and surrendered to the moment. I accepted that this IS exactly where I am supposed to be right now. I realised that everything does indeed really happen for a reason. I had something major to learn and this brick wall I’d hit in life was my time to learn some of the hardest lessons in my life. I thanked the universe for giving me this chance to learn, and asked what was it that I needed to know. In the next moment a clear knowingness came to my consciousness. I realised that no power can be found in frustration, and anger. They hold the mind in the place of the victim and we become a prisoner to a fate less desirable. I chose the thoughts of empowerment. I would begin to visualise the strongest images of walking again, running, talking with my friends, enjoying live music with Alan somewhere, cooking, being able to think clearly… I would see myself as living again.  So many distortions to these visualisations would try to set back in. They what ifs, but could I really, am I strong enough, do I deserve to?! I batted them off and came back to my vision, time and time again. I stopped listening to the fate and diagnoses of doctors, online forums filled with collective pain and negativity and sought to rely only on myself for my source of encouragement and belief in the visualisation I had created.

This simple redirection in outlook opened up new avenues of resourcefulness where prior there had felt none. I started to modify yoga positions I remembered and started to stretch my limbs whilst using the bed to still support my weight. Then I started to mentally reward myself for walking further and further. I’d see how far I could walk to the doctors without stopping to rest. The lengths would become longer and longer. I was reaping the power of the visualisation and I knew that this would be the mind-set I would now adopt until the day a full recovery was achieved.

I couldn’t finish this article however without the mention of my greatest life miracle. Her name is Aisha, and in 15 days, she turns 1 year old. Wow. She is the purest form of miracle I can think of. All medical odds felt against the reality of being able to fall pregnant, let alone carry a baby for 9 month, deliver it safely and for it to be born healthy. The hormonal profiles, my neurological inflammation, my physical strength all indicated a fate that was not for creating a healthy baby. So how did it happen? For 6 month prior to conceiving, I set my strongest vision. Each morning as part of my mediation and yoga routine, I would finish by a visualisation. I would walk around my living room seeing myself as an imagined mum a few years from that moment. She/I would be walking around the park, showing this little girl the ducks that live by the canal a few minutes walk from home. She’d be healthy, happy and we’d both love to be nowhere else in the world than where we were right there in that moment. I would physically walk around my living room pretending to push a make believe pram, feeling the strength of my body and joy that filled our hearts. I’d often cry in those mediations, not because I didn’t have that yet, but for the pure joy of such a beautiful reality I knew was mine to come. I believed in it strongly , and that belief relieved me the impatience to have it now, or fear in case it didn’t happen as imagined. At the end of the 6 months, it came to me that I had one last important part of the preparation. I would travel alone to America to the Catskill Mountains to an ashram to spend one month intensively conditioning my mind body and soul. The month took form of a yoga teacher training programme running from 5.30 am to 10pm every day for 30 days. With the backing of my incredible husband I decided I would go and said to him that if I returned from the training achieving the strength I hoped to gain, then finally I felt we should begin to try for a baby.  Within 1 and a half months of my return, I was pregnant, and now 15 days now she turns 1. After she wakes from her morning sleep now, I think I might just take her out for that pram walk to see the ducks.

Miracles are not reserved for the few or the special, they’re for all of us. Forget what everyone else says; just tap into a reality that your heart most strongest desires. See yourself there already, and if it’s aligned with your true high purpose, it will happen. Wish upon that star tonight and remember that even if you eye can’t see it for the smoky pollution that clouds it, know that it’s still very much there.

By Saira Easton Guest writer

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