Twin Flames ~ Stop To Try and Fix This Relationship: The Key Is You!

Twin Flames ~ Stop To Try and Fix This Relationship: The Key Is You!

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This is a very important message for Twin Flames – the Key is you, the Key always was You.

While you can’t fully and on a committed manner accept yourself, and allow yourself to become the truth of who you are — your Twin Soul which actually is your GREATEST MIRROR will mirror this to you, over and over.

You’ll try to work on the relationship itself, to tell them things or move closer to them geographically even sometimes.

You’ll try to fix this by doing things that happen outside of yourself.

You’ll try to put your energy into improving the relationship. On some of your worse days, you’ll even blame them. Or, you’ll analyze their behavior with you, or even in the world – thinking that it would all be different if THEY were different, thinking that if they could heal themselves, life would be great and you both would live a fairy tale.

You’ll investigate, you’ll research their own Whys and Hows. You’ll ask yourself things, to understand them.

You’ll even reach the conclusion that, they need to work more on themselves, to make your Love Story happen.


My tone is different today because there is something that we all need to understand.

You see, by doing all these things — you’ll seek endlessly outside of yourself, the resolution of an issue that forever found its deepest roots WITHIN.


Because the Key is You.

My tone is harder today because there are things that need to stop now. We say and read “it’s 2017 so Twin Souls will come together”. We say sometimes because we are Women, “The Masculine has to heal and has more work to do to meet us where we are”. “We say, it’s about to happen”, we read “now, it’s about them”.

We say all these things as if we were Modern Cindirellas, waiting.

We say all those things as if our lives depended on the kindness of outside golden sparks or of modern white witches.

Those prophecies of a cosmic Divine Order that would be responsible for our lives have to stop now.

The Masculine “being less evolved” is not the truth, and most importantly it has absolute no effect on our own lives and situations. It’s a trick from the mind that desires to know where is the roots of an issue and which always, ideally – seeks to find the roots of it outside of itself.

There are no Divine Miracles if you don’t participate in them, from within.

There is no outside authority in charge of causing the Reunion of all Twin Flames in 2017. No, instead the energies are there to PUSH YOU INTO BECOMING YOURSELF WHICH IS THE KEY, THE DOOR FOR THE REST.

Don’t rely on angels or on the Universe ONLY to make this happen. The Universe and your team in the higher realms are there to SUPPORT YOU & GUIDE YOU – but they can’t take the reigns of your life for you, if you don’t ask for their help or if you don’t follow through.

The planets are there for you and to trigger you into your own Rising – but YOU have to DECIDE to ride the waves.


My tone is harder today because there is something that we all need to understand.


It’s only that unfaillible, tall, strong, deeply committed and unchanging SELF-LOVE that you are going to give to Yourself that may change your outside situation.

Ok listen, if you want to see yourself in blue in the mirror, you are not going to clean the mirror over and over, to get a new one or even to say that this is the mirror’s fault? No, you will take your other clothes off and decide to wear BLUE.

That’s it.

WEAR BLUE, wear your truth, decide to wear Yourself.

Don’t blame, don’t try to fix the outside or to change it. THIS SPECIFIC OUTSIDE IS ONLY YOU, your Energy, in another body – you see.

Start by Wearing Blue, on a committed basis.  Commit to Wearing Your Blue Out There – and the do whatever feels true from there.

And see your mirror responding back to You, by wearing Blue – too.

By Sophie

This article (Twin Flames ~ Stop To Try and Fix This Relationship: The Key Is You) was originally published on The Twin Flame Journey and it is republished here with permission.

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