This is Why Your Toes Twitch (Because There’s Always Paranormal Explanation)

This is Why Your Toes Twitch (Because There’s Always Paranormal Explanation)

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There is a paranormal explanation for everything!

Do you have a toe or set of toes that just wont seem to stop twitching? It really can be quite bothersome. It can happen when you’re awake or when you are sleeping causing the nerves of muscles above or below the toes to become enflamed.

Many medical professionals at the sign of toes twitching will diagnose as restless leg or severe dehydration, as well as a warning signs of other serious illnesses which certainly may be the case, but what is most interesting is the phenomenon known as “astral myclonus”, and the understanding goes a little something like this….

When the seeker is exploring out of body, the physical body can develop twitches or jerking known as the “myclonic jerk” as he or she plunges deep down into the unconscious, these spasms or twitches may also be accompanied by other signs and symptoms.

Now it is said that when the seeker, begins to exhibit signs of uncontrollable twitching that is localized in the toes or feet it is perceived as the sign that ones “astral double” or astral myclonus has left the body.

So now you know! There is a paranormal explanation for everything!


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