The Raven Energy ~ “Mother Raven” speaks…

The Raven Energy ~ “Mother Raven” speaks…

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A couple days ago I connected with the Raven energy and I was greeted by what they said was a Collective energy for the Raven species. A gentle and loving feminine energy came through – what I later identified as ‘Mother Raven’ – and welcomed my communication with them and she said she was delighted that so many humans are able and willing to connect to the different species and life forms on the Planet now in a conscious way. They said that this is where we are now at – the space in which we are in – which allows us a deeper connection with all of Life here on Earth.

We are at last coming into a frequency which is bringing us into deeper alignment with the Collective Gaia consciousness of the Planet Earth, and all her life forms.  Mother Raven said that those of us who are able to connect at this level now are deeply appreciated for the work that we are doing in order to raise the light quotient on Earth. She also said that it is imperative that we as Light Bearers plug ourselves into the 5D Crystalline Energy Matrix and Grid several times daily, in order to be supported more fully within our rising levels of consciousness and awareness.

She showed me that the Crystalline Grid acts as a kind of sieve between the 3rd dimension and the higher dimensions which prevents those who anchor into its energy from falling through, back down into the lower frequencies, and helps us to keep our energy stable in the higher frequencies so that we less drawn into the unfolding drama of the 3rd dimension.

She invites more people to connect with the energy of the Raven. The Ravens are ‘time’ travelers and as such have a ‘time window’ which they help you to see into the past, present and future, so that you can reach a greater understanding of what has already unfolded in your life and what is unfolding now in your present state, and also helps you to see and understand what you are currently moving towards. This will help you to heal your energy so that past and present mistakes/miscreations are not repeated in your future timelines.

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