Queen Elizabeth’s Shocking Warning Of Coming Global War – Video

Queen Elizabeth’s Shocking Warning Of Coming Global War – Video

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Could it be really true that these are the “end times,” or are these elites just hyping up our fears to create the ultimate false flag attack to bring in their long worked for one world government?

Queen Elizabeth is purportedly the latest to address the impending global war (aka WW3) with religious leaders from different parts of the globe. 

According to reports, the meeting was convened in order to discuss the notion of the “End Times” for the human race following the Pope’s recent controversial statement that the world should prepare for the apocalypse.


YNW reports:

At a meeting with Russia’s Patriarch Kirrill and the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Queen said, “One must now make the necessary preparations to say goodbye to loved ones as one cannot assume who will live and who will die. Many will die in these final days,” according to BBC production staff.

“My beloved country is about to enter its darkest period in the coming months as a brutal and apocalyptic war will be waged in the east.”

“I am not concerned with the trivialities of Christmas. I am concerned with the terrible consequences we must face as the war drums beat ever stronger,” the Queen said.

After meeting with Queen Elizabeth, the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia called on all countries to unite behind the fight to defeat “evil,” the BBC reported.

“Today’s war on terror should be a joint effort.”

“This isn’t just Russia’s fight. It’s for all countries, we should unite to defeat this evil,” Kirill said, adding, “And this war I call a holy one.”

The highest ranking official in the Russian Orthodox Church, Kirill is on close personal terms with President Vladimir Putin.

In 2012 he campaigned to pass a bill that would criminalize vandalism of religious sites, and now he is joining the Queen in urging Christians of the world to unite.

The discussion between the Patriarch and the Queen was “devoted to the position of Christians in Europe,” Kirill’s secretary Alexander Volkov said. “The Church should also play a role in international relations. Through faith, through the Church, the soul of a nation is manifested.”
The Pope is also talking about it.“This is war. There was a war of 1914. Then that of 1939-45. Another Great War. Then there is this one. It is maybe not organic. It is organized, yes, but not organic. But it is a war,” the Pope said.

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