Oil Pulling – Why Do It, How To Do It and What To Use

Oil Pulling – Why Do It, How To Do It and What To Use

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Ritual for Oral Health, Better Skin, and Increased Energy

Every morning before I have my fresh warm lemon water, I make sure to swish my mouth for 15-20 minutes with raw organic coconut oil.
This is called oil pulling and is essentially making coconut oil your mouthwash.
It is an Ayurvedic medicine practice, which is a 5,000-year-old system of natural healing that originates from the Vedic culture of India.

Oil pulling is improves oral health because it strengthens your teeth, reduces plaque, and eliminates bad breath, but the other benefits of oil pulling are surprising and unexpected. Since the oil soaks up the bacteria in your teeth and gums, toxins are removed that would otherwise be stagnate in your mouth.

What if I don’t like coconut oil?
If you’re allergic to coconut or just hate the taste, you can still receive all the benefits of oil pulling by using cold-pressed organic sesame oil, olive oil, or sunflower oil.

Removing these toxins does the following:

  • Whitens Teeth
  • Improves Skin Conditions, especially Acne
  • Balances Hormones
  • Reduces Joint Paint
  • Relief from Congested Sinuses

How To:

1. Tablespoon of raw organic coconut oil

2. Swish it around your moth for 15-20 min, some like to start with only 5 minutes and work         their way up.

3. Spit the coconut oil into the trash as to not clog the sink (coconut oil hardens after a bit)

4. Brush your teeth

5. Enjoy the benefits

Written by Michele Miller, Co-founder of All Health Alternatives.

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