No, You’re Not Being Too Picky!

No, You’re Not Being Too Picky!

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Are you starting to feel like you’ll have to settle and compromise on certain qualities you want in your guy – especially physical attributes?

Maybe you think that wanting your mate to look a certain way means you’re a superficial person.

No, You’re Not Being Too Picky!
You might have even read dating advice that says you should go out with people you find unattractive, because “you never know.”

Well, we think you should be completely turned on by your partner.

That’s right. Not just a little into him. Not someone who will grow on you. Instead, we believe you have every right to be with someone you’re wildly ecstatic about – from the get go.

When he holds your hand, you feel electricity shoot through your entire body. When he looks at you across the dinner table, it makes your knees shake. And at the end of the date, you don’t have to think about whether or not you want him to kiss you. You’re absolutely aching for it.

Why do we believe that you can have everything you want in a mate – both the inner qualities that you admire and the looks that make your heart skip a beat?

Because that’s how we felt about each other from the moment we met. And we’re here to help you settle for no less.

Gay’s Checklist For His Ideal Woman

After Gay’s first marriage, he spent many years in different relationships. They all ended in disappointment and heartbreak.

After trying too hard to make another unhealthy relationship work, he sat down and thought hard about what he really wanted and needed in a woman.

Smart. Creative. Funny. Kind hearted. Self aware.

You have every right to be with someone you’re wildly ecstatic about – from the get go.
And then he threw it in there: curvy. Yes, he admitted to himself that he preferred women with a little meat on their bones.

At first, he thought he was being a bit silly and superficial about this. But then he thought, “Wait a minute, this is important, because this preference is a part of me that brings me joy. Physical preferences are part of being human!”

Once he realized this, he felt not only relieved, but excited. Who would this amazing woman be who would really turn him on to boot?

The Key: Getting Clear On What You Want And Owning It

No, You’re Not Being Too Picky!
Not long after Gay dreamed up his ideal woman, the curvaceous Katie waltzed into his life.

“Shimmied” would be more accurate – Gay describes her as having “a belly dancer’s body.”

“All she has to do to turn me on is to walk into the room.”

And you can be just as excited about your mate. Here’s how:

1. Admit to yourself that yes, you want to be physically attracted to him. Believe that this is not selfish or superficial. It’s normal, human, and healthy! Say to yourself: “It’s ok for me to have exactly what I want in a mate.”

2. Make a quick list of what turns you on in a man. Maybe it’s strong, well-groomed hands. A sharp jaw. Or a muscular body. Write it down.

Now, here’s the critical question:

Are You Ready For Your Total Package?

Getting clear on the qualities you want is only one piece of the puzzle in attracting not just a date – but a mate for life.

If your heart is not ready to welcome true love into your life, your Mr. Right could pass you by.

Our audio and video program Attracting Genuine Love is your game plan to attracting your total package and creating a genuine, lasting relationship with him.

We’ll teach you targeted exercises for identifying the key qualities you want in a mate as well as the ones you need to stay away from.

Then we’ll show you how to create the powerful inner shifts that will actually draw to you a partner that brings what you truly desire.

If you’re frustrated from failed relationships and go-nowhere dates, this program will inspire you and fill you with the belief that your total package is not only out there – but he’s looking for you right now, too. Start now by clicking here.

No, you’re not being too picky. Being in a deeply-intimate relationship with a mate who fires you up physically is one of the sweetest pleasures on the planet. And we can’t wait to help you taste it.

Thanks to heartsintrueharmony for this article.

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