Mercury Retrograde Combines With a Full Moon — Get Ready For a Massive Energy Shift!

Mercury Retrograde Combines With a Full Moon — Get Ready For a Massive Energy Shift!

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As it turns out, the 3rd of December will bring about ample amounts of spiritual energy. There will not only be a Full Moon, but Mercury will also be going into retrograde.

The Full Moon that follows is going to happen on the 3rd of December. It is going to be a Super Moon, as well as “Full Cold Moon.” Supermoons usually occur when a full moon can coincide with the perigee of the moon. And it does not happen often. As a result of this, the moon itself will appear at least 14% larger and a lot brighter.

As the Full Moon is going to be in the sign of Gemini, we will be experiencing a shift which we are not quite used to. Trickster energy will be running rampant if we do not prepare ourselves beforehand. You can do whatever you feel is best for yourself. For example, clearing your energy field and meditating can be a good choice.

Mercury is going to be in retrograde.

Retrograde is something which happens when a planet appears to be moving backward from our vantage point here on Earth. While it looks like it is running back, it is actually not. Mercury turns retrograde around 3 or 4 times during each year, and this is something which lasts for just a few weeks period. And yes, it means that the energy which is coming from this retrograde will not merely fade away with the full moon.

When a planet is in retrograde, it seems like the things which that planet rules over are thrown off as well. This is important to touch on as Mercury rules the sign Gemini. When this retrograde first starts to hit, we will be going through what is essentially a “shadow” period. A lot of people do not begin to experience the effect of such retrograde of the planet Mercury until it actually reaches its second stage — the storm.

This retrograde started on the 14th of November, stations with the Full Moon, and it will end on the 22nd of December, at about 9 pm. It can and will likely be a bit problematic, as well as frustrating. Do your best in remaining grounded. Let things run their course until you can settle down. Don’t get caught up in the troubles which may come with this retrograde. While it will bring you mental balance, the balance in everything else may just fall apart.

But don’t be afraid of this Mercury retrograde. Embrace it, and all that comes along with it. While you may feel beaten down by two types of forces, in the end, everything will sort itself out.

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