This Man Spent 4-Years Growing A Living Church Out Of Trees In His Backyard. The Results Will Blow You Away

This Man Spent 4-Years Growing A Living Church Out Of Trees In His Backyard. The Results Will Blow You Away

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Brian Cox from New Zealand spent 4-years transforming his backyard into a living church. I don’t know what’s more impressive… the actual end results or the fact it only took him 4-years to create something this splendid. Not to shortchange just how much time and effort Cox put into his church made out of trees.

Cox spent countless hours during this time not only transplanting the trees but also researching the perfect types of trees for the task. He wanted the church to receive ample sunlight at all times of the day, which is why he chose an assortment of uniquely colored tree trunks as well as trees that produce a varying amount of foliage.

Cox had a lot of background knowledge on trees; after all he does own Treelocations, a gardening company that specializes in replanting whole, living trees. This is how his church was completed in four years; he used full-grown trees to put together the holy masterpiece.

Cox has always been fond of old churches, which inspired him greatly throughout his years traveling around the globe. One random day he stepped outside and realized his own backyard was the perfect space for a church. So in April of 2011, he cleared the space and began constructing the iron frame for the church, which he later filled out with trees.

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Cox used the following trees to complete the church:

  • Alnus Imperialis—used for the roof canopy
  • Leptospernum—used for the walls
  • Camelia Black Tie
  • Acer Globosum
  • Thuja Pyramidalis

The tree church is now open to the public and can be rented out for private events.
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The tree-master Mr. Brian Cox is pictured above with his adorable dog.


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