Lone-Wolves Are The Most Faithful And Intelligent Friends You'll Ever Have

Lone-Wolves Are The Most Faithful And Intelligent Friends You'll Ever Have

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While most people are desperately trying to fit in a crowd of hobbies, personalities, and styles, there are also those who have chosen to stay out of that. They don’t suffer from the worry of missing out, and would rather not participate in many things they find quite trivial.

Being a lone-wolf has nothing to do with being lonely. These are actually two entirely different things. A person who feels is not a loner, but quite the opposite, as they need company. Loners choose to be alone in most of the cases.

If you have a friend who’s a loner, you should feel privileged. It’s not that lone wolves think of themselves too highly – contrarily, they’re quite down to earth, modest and realistic about themselves.

That’s what makes them think twice before choosing the people they want around them. They’re great analyzers, and they often find themselves in profound and healthy thought in the solitude they’ve chosen.

Loners don’t enjoy shallow topics and gossip, and that’s why they tend to avoid the most people who are obsessed with trivial matters.

This deeply intellectual approach toward life helps lone-wolves understand people around them better and learn the way they function.

There are two different kinds of loners – the extroverted and the introverted. These two types are different regarding the way they behave and the friends they choose, but in the end, they have similar preferences about people.

The extroverted loners can communicate with anybody easily, as long as they like the other person. They have no trouble in maintaining a healthy and rich communication with others, and they don’t feel uncomfortable in any crowd.

Nevertheless, these people have chosen to be loners because they don’t want to just hang out with anyone. They’d rather spend their lives alone than be in the company of fake people and shallow minds. They’re easy to talk to but will keep a safe distance with a dose of a healthy reserve.

So, if you manage to get closer to an extroverted loner, you have definitely passed several tests you are not aware of. Once you’ve reached the inner territory of this lone wolf’s heart, you’ll have them as friends for life.

On the other hand, the introverted loners are another story. They’re easily overwhelmed by big groups of people and crowded places, and they’d rather be somewhere quiet and relaxing. Their idea of spending quality time involves a small number of individuals with whom they feel comfortable.

You’ll rarely meet these people at concerts, or parties, or crowdy events in general. They prefer spending their time in secluded places and enjoy hanging out with people who aren’t too intense or arrogant. Having a lone-wolf as a friend means that they feel comfortable and free in your company.

Both types of loners fall for intellect and genuine emotion. They won’t easily make great friends with many people, but those who have lone-wolves for friends are privileged to have loyal and trustworthy people in their life, who are ready to put their complete trust into this friendship.

Nevertheless, fail them, and you might lose them for life. It’s best to be sincere and honest with them, even when you’ve done something wrong. Failing a loner means being fake and arrogant.

This article (Lone-Wolves Are The Most Faithful And Intelligent Friends You’ll Ever Have) was originally published by Thinking Humanity and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to ThinkingHumanity.com

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