Comparison between native slots apps vs. HTML5 slots

Comparison between native slots apps vs. HTML5 slots

How you can access a slots app on your smart phone or tablet. The main distinction is between native slots apps and HTML5 slots. This article is going to take a close look at them and explain their pros and cons. So read on!

Slots are the most popular casino games for both casual and pro gamblers and on the web they can be found in huge number. Game developers create these casino games based on luck on a regular basis so there is always something new to play. Moreover, the popularity of slots is so high that they also dominate on the mobile casino market. Slots apps can be found in abundance and they are an excellent way to spend your free time on mobile. These games also come with various features and themes that make mobile gambling very thrilling and exciting.


Native Apps for Slots – Pros and Cons

native slots These are apps loaded with slot games that can be downloaded from Play Store or another source. Once downloaded on your device, you need to install them. By creating a shortcut on your home screen you can easily access the app and its slots. It is also possible to make deposits and play the slots for real money as well as cash out your winnings on your mobile.

With the slots app you get a complete gaming experience. All your favorite slots are in one place and with a finger tap on the app you immediately get access to everything. These apps also come with other functions such as banking and support and everything is easily accessible.

Perhaps the biggest downside to native slots apps is that they take up memory space on your device. It’s not much but if you have plenty of other apps this can be a problem. The games might load slowly or you might experience some technical glitches, but if you own some of the newest mobile devices with high internal and external memory capacity, this shouldn’t be a problem.


Advantages and Disadvantages of HTML5 Based Slots

html5 slots

The trend in the mobile gaming industry nowadays is creating HTML5 based apps that require no download. Slots made in HTML5 are accessed directly from a mobile browser. There is no need to download anything, therefore, you save space on your device. A slots app built with HTML5 can give you the ‘space’ on a player’s smartphone that can be used to bridge some of the gaps between native slots apps and a mobile site.

However, the downside is that HTML5 slots apps are, essentially, mobile websites. The performance issues mentioned above will still apply. Furthermore, these apps will require a consistent Internet connection and will limit the capacity of players to utilize them in low areas. In addition, they are built with the same function on every device so there are no unique functions that players might expect in a mobile gaming experience.

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