Animal Hospital Takes Paralyzed Dogs, Gives Them A Home And A Wheelchair

Animal Hospital Takes Paralyzed Dogs, Gives Them A Home And A Wheelchair

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It should go without saying that all facilities that care about the well-being of animals should go above and beyond for those creatures in need, but that’s not always the case. At least these dogs are smiling and rolling their way through life now.

While some places are better than most, euthanization is common and, sadly, necessary for a variety of reasons for places with little funding.

For Adăpostul Speranța, an animal hospital in Romania and a partner of Four Paws International, no life that can be salvaged will go to waste simply for disabilities. The group is active in taking dogs off of the streets and giving them forever homes within their own facility.


On top of housing the strays, they are also committed to providing wheelchairs for dogs with issues regarding their movement. Earlier this month, the hospital explained on their Facebook page why disabled dogs deserve a chance at life too:
“At Speranța, we insist not to leave any dog behind. [W]e absolutely refuse to end a life that, with proper care, can be a happy one.”


With that philosophy, the group gives fitted wheelchairs to all of the dogs that need one, even though there is a chance they will outgrow it or that it will be broken. In fact, this happens often because they roam free on the grounds during the summer, which means they run around and play at their leisure and get into a bit of trouble.


“They run … they enjoy the sun and the grass, sometimes they even race, with their funny wheels,” the hospital wrote. They added, “Unfortunately, the dogs get bigger and some carts broke. Right now, we desperately need to buy other 11 carts, for their future ‘drivers’ can move again.”


Since they house these pups for life, they go through tons of carts and even replace the ones that have been worn out by dogs with an active lifestyle. With their dedication to the dogs’ happiness and second chance at life, getting the proper wheels for them is a task in itself every year.

However sad their first shot at life was on the streets, these dogs aren’t letting their disabilities define them or put a damper on their new lives. As for why the hospital continues to sponsor these dogs despite the costs, they said, “The happiness of our paraplegic dogs is our reward.”


One would never guess that these dogs were anything less than absolutely adored by the way they smile, pant, and run freely, and the organization wouldn’t want it any other way.

Image credits Credit: Adăpostul Speranța

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