6 Steps to Balance Your Karma with Your Dharma

6 Steps to Balance Your Karma with Your Dharma

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You’ve heard both of these words in various contexts – Karma as a consequence to your actions, and Dharma as your own inner code of conduct. But did you know that both of these are so inter-connected that the human life cannot do without them?

As Human Beings, we must learn to balance between the Human side of us as well as the Being side of us. When we lose that balance, the imbalance shows up in our anger, resentment, and suffering. Or worse, in our illnesses, accidents and addictions.

So to keep the balance, our everyday life is about swinging from Doing-to-Being-to-Doing-to-Being… As human beings, we can’t forever be content in sitting still in solitude, but we also feel chaotic if we’re constantly doing-doing-doing.

6 Steps to Balance Your Karma with your Dharma

1. Assess which way you lean – If you tend to be laid back, letting others lead, and you’re wondering why life isn’t going the way you want it, maybe it’s time to try taking more action. If you’re the type to be constantly on the go, then it’s necessary for you to build in more pauses into your day.

2. Pick up what’s missing – Think of the one thing you feel is lacking in your life right now. If it’s more than one thing, just pick the most important one – whether it’s meditation, volunteering, or whatever you feel is missing at this moment. And think of a way to invite more of it into your life.

3. Create a time and a place – Think of a time and a place when you will consciously make space for what’s missing. For example, if you’re more action-oriented, make sure to create a time and place where you can sit still for a few minutes. If you tend to have lots of alone-time at home, then make it a point to find a time and place when you can go walking or running or connecting with others through volunteering or whatever you’re feeling called to do.

4. Make it a ritual – The reason to make your time and place and action (or non-action) a ritual is so that you can infuse that time and place with the energy and momentum to keep it going everyday. Coming back to the same place at the same time everyday or every week has a way of reconnecting you with the same energy for you to keep going.

5. Practice for at least 21 days – One way to ensure you’ll continue to find your balance is to commit to practicing it for at least 21 days or more. When you can keep to your new routine for so many days, it becomes regular – it might even become a habit.

6. Test and Tweak – After 21 days, take a look back at how you’ve done – if you feel better, more balanced in your everyday, or if you feel out of balance. If you feel out of balance, adjust your ritual to add more of what you need, and let go of what’s not working.

Each person must find their balance between the Being and the Doing to live a healthy, meaningful life. Once you find that balance, you’ll notice that you’re more aware of your daily activities, more attuned to when you feel out of balance, and more willing to bring yourself back into alignment.

About the Author:

Saiisha is a soulistic life coach for old souls who are already on a spiritual path, but are still feeling lost. She helps them get unstuck from their karmas, discover their Dharma, and follow the path that will bring them closer to the life they’re meant to live.

Thanks to Isoulscience for this article.


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