5-Year-Old Autistic Child has Extraordinary Mental Powers and Psychic Abilities

5-Year-Old Autistic Child has Extraordinary Mental Powers and Psychic Abilities

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Ramses Sanguino is a very unique child. He is five years old, comes from L.A., is learning at least seven different languages which his mother claims he started on when he was two, and he has a high-functioning form of autism. But perhaps even more astonishing is the fact that he has also been found to display signs of telepathic ability.

After his mother had posted videos of his activities on the internet, a neuroscientist and former faculty member at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Diane Powell, became interested in Ramses and began studies to prove if telepathy is a real phenomenon.

During a study with Ramses, Dr. Powell and his mother Nyx generated random numbers on a computer and then selected cards whose value, from Ace to nine, represented the randomly chosen values. His mother, all while hiding these cards from Ramses view, asked him which number she was thinking about and received surprising answers. The child was able to answer three of five correct with no help whatsoever from his mother or Diane.

Dr. Powell, who believes that he has seen signs of telepathy in a handful of people before, believes that telepathy may be an alternative form of communication for children to speak with their parents, such as those with handicaps like autism, who “desperately want to communicate with one another, but can’t.”

The Daily Mail reports in another test with Dr Powell, Ramses was able to correctly guess 16 out of 17 numbers hidden out of sight – including one double-digit number, according to his mother.

I am as confident that telepathy exists as I am a lot of things that have actually been accepted by science.”

Powell also makes the points that many people refuse to comment on the phenomenon of psychic ability and telepathy simply out of fear.

“I have met privately with many people who have said they would never publicly state that they believe in telepathy but tell me that they have actually experienced it or witnessed it themselves…Many of them say the reason they don’t come forward and say anything is that they are actually afraid that they would be ridiculed or possibly even lose their job… It’s very risky to one’s credibility to take on a subject like this – but I knew that when I got into it.”

Ramses is also able to solve complex mathematical equations and Dr. Powell calls him ‘one of the smartest five-year old’s on the planet’.

Many people, of course, already believe in the phenomenon of telepathy or have had experiences that acclimated them to believe that just because something is invisible doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. The pineal gland may play a key role in the presence of psychic ability as presented by a growing number of scientists and researchers today. Perhaps modern science is going through a new renaissance and this heightened awareness that we see with Ramses is a part of our new understanding of life and the world around us.

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