4 Reasons Why It’s Better To Sleep On Your Left Side According To A Chiropractor

4 Reasons Why It’s Better To Sleep On Your Left Side According To A Chiropractor

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Sleeping problems are becoming increasingly common. When you don’t sleep well, you raise the risk of depression, high blood pressure, stress and increased weight.

Experts recommend sleeping seven to eight hours per night, but there are more factors you should consider. It isn’t just about the quantity of time you spend asleep. You also need to get quality sleep.

One vital factor for quality sleep is the position of your body while you’re asleep.

According to chiropractor and sleep expert Dr. John Douillard, sleep quality improves when you sleep on your left side. It helps you to boost your health levels and increases your longevity.

As Dr. Douillard claims:

“Emphasizing the left side for rest and sleep offers some time-tested wisdom for very real health and longevity benefits.”

Here are four reasons why we should sleep on our left side:

1. Heartburn relief

If you have a sensitive stomach and often get heartburn, sleeping on your left side might be the solution you’re seeking. According to experts, it helps to relieve your heartburn.

2. Heart health

Sleeping on your left side towards your heart multiplies the efficiency of how your heart works while you sleep.

3. Helps lymphatic system

Have you ever heard of lymphatic drainage? The left side of your body is your lymphatic side, and sleeping on that side means that you can remove waste, toxins and lymph fluid efficiently.

4. Stops snoring

Snoring affects several people and can be a terrible health issue. It not only impacts how your partner sleeps, it can also be bad for your heart. Sleeping on your left side will especially help you if you suffer from sleep apnea.

Watch Dr. Douillard in the video below explaining why sleeping on our left side is beneficial for improving digestion.

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