Watch What Happens When Baby Elephant Is Set Free


Northern Rangelands Trust rangers discovered this baby elephant, it was trapped in a muddy water well. Although he wasn’t hurt severely, leaving him there would mean certain death! After working for hours to free the massive youngster, they were finally able to get him out of the well, fed, hydrated and rested

The rescue workers brought the baby elephant back to the pasture where he was found with the hope that he would hear his family and return to them! First they tied him to the tree so he wouldn’t run away and into more danger while they waited, then they posted up near him to protect him from poachers and predators.

Just as they were about to give up and head in for the day, the elephant’s ears perked up – he heard his family! The rescue workers removed the cord from around his waist and enticed him to run toward them with a quick game of chase. Soon the rangers could see the elephant’s mother flick her ears with excitement. Her baby was home!

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