Renowed Scientist Claims to Have Found Definitive Proof That God EXISTS!


The creation of the universe has sparked curiosity among scholars and scientists for a long time. How mysterious is it’s primordial origins and the complex workings of small celestial bodies to massive quasars.

Many discoveries are added each year which triggers even more questions regarding physics, therefore raising it’s complexity to new levels.

According to the most famous theory, the universe exploded from a single point known as a “Singularity” which then expanded until it reached the state it is today. This event is known as the “Big Bang”.

But some people believe that “God” created the universe, breathing life and molding the shape of existence with his infinite wisdom. “God” isn’t a magical deity, but a being of infinite inteligence that governs the laws of the universe through the language of “Mathematics”.

Theoretical physicist, Michio Kaku, one of the greatest scientific minds of our time has stated that definitive proof of the existence of “God” is all around us.

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