Inspiring Young Woman With a Genetic Condition Determined to be a Model!

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A young girl with a genetic condition is determined to make a difference, chasing her dream of modeling to shed light on a disability she sees as a gift.

Madeline is 18 years old, lives in Brisbane, Australia and has Down Syndrome. As with many people with Down syndrome, she struggled with her weight from a young age.


Early last year, with the help of her mother and her dance teacher, she decided to get fit and healthy. Her inspiration? Due to her weight, she couldn’t do cartwheels or handstands. Her goal was to change this. At the time, Maddy was more than 20kgs over her healthy weight range. She is nearly at her goal, and with a little encouragement is sure to make it!
‘Maddy’s mother Rosanne told Daily Mail Australia that she has always made a point of telling ‘her every day how amazing, funny, smart, beautiful, wonderful she is’.

‘Maddy has never been selfish and worries about everyone. In basketball if someone on the opposite team falls over she will stop playing and help them up,’ she said.

‘She is amazing, she is so beautiful, and she makes me feel so special. We will be driving in the car in the morning and she will just pick up my hand and kiss it and tell me she loves me and thanks me. Every morning she comes in and cuddles me to start the day.’

After Madeline Stuart’s story went out she landed her first major modeling contract. Manifesta, a U.S. based women’s athletic-wear brand that targets women of all shapes, sizes and types, took on Madeline as one of their representatives.


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