Fuoride Does Not Reduce Tooth Decay – But THIS Does!


Dr. David Kennedy says the thought that fluoride reduces tooth decay is nothing but a myth. He mentions a much more effective way to help support oral health without fluoride. Find out how this can be done by thinking a different way!

Dr. Kennedy points out the fact that fluoride does not reduce tooth decay that is a myth. And that, if you brush your teeth really hard with it you can show a little bit of a difference, but there are other things that work much, much better. They never get a chance in the market place, because we are stuck on this fluoride, basically myth. Iodine, much more effective.

Dr. Kennedy has a YouTube channel, where he has a video called Bad Bugs and he talk about gum disease.

People talk about tooth decay, tooth decay is a disease of children, because the malnourished children. Most people lose their teeth because of gum disease and that’s a chronic disease that you get when you are child and by the time you get to be 30, 40, 50 years old, your teeth get lose and start to falling out or being extracted. Do you get your gums cut off and bone and then you’ll spend lots of money.

And basically, it’s an infection that you could hose away with a water pick and iodine and salt and soda or something there, and hose it away because they are swimmers. You can’t brush them away. It’s like trying to brush a fish away. If you take a brush and rubbed it around in the pond, do the fish going to leave? No. Looks that like you are crazy. Well, the same thing is true with the bugs in your gums. They are swimmers. You can hose them away and if you put something in the hose that they don’t like, like iodine, you can hose them away and kill them while you are at it. And that’s how you get to be oral health.

I had a guy in my practice, he never brushed his teeth. There was gum everywhere and his teeth were perfectly healthy. Believe me it’s an infection that goes from person to person to person. DNA testing shows it’s coming from the mother or grandmother or the caregiver to the child at about age two. So it’s a germ. It’s transferred from the people that care for the child. All the germs in the baby’s body come from mother. So but if they happen to be a bad one in the mix you can very simply get rid of it. You don’t need it. It’s not a valuable bug. Kill it. So it’s gone.

Dr. Kennedy states the trouble is that fluoride, if you have it in your mouth, it goes up in your blood stream. If you take a shower in fluoridated water, it goes up in your blood stream. So if you have a community that it’s adding this terrible poison to the water supply, then you either have to abandon your community and go out to the country and find a house sits on a well, or move to another country like Mexico or Japan that doesn’t put it in the water supply. Germany, France, Holland, one of the of countries that don’t allow in the water supply.

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